uGPS / Peck Tech Posted by PeckTech Consulting April 7th, 2021

We regret to announce that uGPS Rapid Mapper is no longer in production. Existing support and warranty commitments will continue to be honoured. If you are an existing customer do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

uGPS Rapid MapperTM is your accurate,
easy-to-use and reliable solution for underground
mine mapping.


We are proud to introduce the uGPS Rapid MapperTM a cutting-edge mobile scanning unit with 3D tunnel mapping and surveying capabilities that simplifies and streamlines underground mining like never before.


Use Cases

uGPS Rapid MapperTM is the first of its kind in many ways, offering a wide range of potential mobile tunnel mapping and surveying uses that will add value to your underground mining operation.



Over time, uGPS Rapid MapperTM has evolved to focus on mobile tunnel mapping,offering mining operations a revolutionary tool for their projects that can increase safety and operational capacities.


GPS Rapid MapperTM

Meet the uGPS Rapid MapperTM, the First Mobile Mapping Solution Purpose-Built for Underground Mining.

Designed to provide quality 3D data while minimizing collection times, the uGPS Rapid MapperTM is the high-quality underground tunnel mapping tool that you’ve been waiting for. The first of its kind, uGPS Rapid MapperTM is a decentralized sensor system that provides 3D point cloud acquisition capabilities on a mobile platform, delivering robust data sets that are accurate, reliable and easy to import into your mine planning software.

This innovative device has an operating range from -30° to 60° Celsius and is sealed against dust and moisture, meaning that even in the most extreme conditions, uGPS Rapid MapperTM offers a diverse range of possible applications, ranging from convergence monitoring to shaft inspection. Regardless of how you choose to use uGPS Rapid MapperTM, you can expect crisp, detailed data sets that enable mine surveyors and engineers to make better day-to-day decisions.

uGPS Rapid MapperTM offers many advantages for your underground mine. Mobile mine scanning is simplified through both its intuitive user interface and simple installation procedure, which includes an optional mounting bracket designed for a standard 2” receiver hitch.

With only one cable required (power), you can easily perform open-loop or closed-loop scanning, depending on the specific use case and/or requirements of your operation. Data can be exported via Wi-Fi (optional) or USB stick, and imported to a wide range of third-party applications within a few simple clicks!

The uGPS Rapid MapperTM is your accurate, easy-to-use and reliable solution for underground mine mapping. Welcome to the next generation of surveying technology!

uGPS / Peck Tech
uGPS / Peck Tech
uGPS / Peck Tech

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