Mobile Mine Scanning

Mobile Mine Scanning is the Way of the Future

Mobile Mine ScanningMining, in various forms, has been around for several centuries. However, like any industry, this does not mean that the status quo should persist. For the industry to progress, it is necessary for the relevant stakeholders to constantly adapt and evolve as new mining techniques and technologies are introduced.

3D mobile mine scanning represents a new era of mine surveying; one that should be embraced by mine engineers and owners alike.

With mobile mine scanning you can:

  • Scan from a mobile platform (any mining vehicle, e.g. survey tractor)
  • Gather data up to 50 times faster than with stationary scanning with very similar levels of accuracy for a variety of applications
  • Perform very rapid volume calculations, as accurately as with stationary scanners, but much, much faster

To keep up with technological advances, it is important to always be prepared to try new things, including new techniques and technologies. Because something has worked in the past does not mean it should always be done that way.

Change the way you think about mine scanning and move over to a mobile mine scanning solution like the uGPS Rapid Mapper™.