Built on proven and robust technology, the uGPS Rapid MapperTM is the first of its kind. This unique and powerful mobile mapping technology will revolutionize the surveying process for underground mines.

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Under development since 2006, the uGPS Rapid MapperTM marks the ultimate convergence of surveying technology and equipment, embodying the true essence of its creators, our values, and our commitment to driving innovative 3D tunnel mapping solutions.

With its beginnings in academia, the uGPS project was started in 2008 by Dr. Joshua Marshall (Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada) to solve the problem of underground localization to an accuracy similar to that of satellite-based GPS in surface mines. The project attracted several graduate students, who began researching and developing the necessary technology; their preliminary results were demonstrated in the underground tunnels of Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada).

Recognizing the overwhelming potential of this new and exciting technology, Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. decided to take on its commercialization in 2011, starting with the development of a prototype unit. This ongoing work garnered significant interest and subsequent support from industry heavyweights such as Barrick Gold Inc. In May 2013, the product development team succeeded in its original goal of mine site-wide positioning with precision comparable to surface L1 GPS, with a live demonstration at one of Barrick’s underground mines in North America.

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In the early stages of the uGPS Rapid MapperTM product development, the Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. team realized that the technology had evolved an impressive capability for rapid volumetric mapping. Given the interest and demand for such a product, the team shifted its focus to a mobile mapping solution for underground mines. This change of direction led to the development of the uGPS Rapid MapperTM: a technology poised to revolutionize surveying and 3D mapping in underground mining.

The exceptional innovation of uGPS Rapid MapperTM takes advantage of Peck Tech Consulting Ltd.’s pragmatic technology solutions, as well as our network of technology partners, giving us the ability to deliver outstanding results for all of our clients. Currently, our partners include Bluffside Ventures Inc., C3 Human Factors Consulting, Neptec, Minera, Solidica, and Validus. We value each of our partners to create timely, cost-effective solutions that account for our clients’ expectations and needs.

For more information about our most recent accomplishments in underground mine mapping and mobile scanning, see our blog section, or inquire directly via our ‘contact us’ page.

We look forward to continuing our commitment to driving underground mobile scanning solutions, as well as serving the needs of projects just like yours.