Target Alignment Workflow

We are excited to announce our latest workflow development that allows for fully georeferenced and aligned scans.  This simple and intuitive process was designed specifically for modern mines that use wall-based survey control stations: it eliminates the requirement for overhead RFID tags, while providing better overall accuracy.  Diamond-shaped, retroreflective targets are used to provide reference points to the local mine coordinate system for alignment corrections.  The workflow goes as follows:

  1. Deploy targets throughout scan area. Our targets are compatible with standard prism rods to ensure a seamless integration into existing survey procedures.  This takes mere seconds per target.
  2. Scan targeted area. Scanning is performed per our usual procedure, no changes and takes minutes.
  3. Enter control point coordinates. Our latest Scan File Converter software provides an easy-to-use interface to enter this information.
  4. Convert to the file format of your choice. We still offer the same wide range of output options, such as .xyz and .las file formats.
  5. That’s it! Open your georeferenced and aligned point cloud for analysis in your desired point cloud manipulation software. See this link for our recommended software list.


This new workflow, developed with industry partners, helps our customers realize the important benefits of mobile scanning for survey-grade tasks.  Our customers are using it for several valuable applications such as:

  • Accelerated, accurate and highly detailed survey as-builts
  • Rapid month-end measure ups
  • Reconciliation analyses
  • Deletion/dilution
  • Overbreak/underbreak
  • Mobile convergence monitoring and change detection
  • …and many more!