Recommended Software List

Leveraging decades of professional software development experience and a proven history of building technical mining applications, Deswik provides industry-leading tools to ensure that mine plans are robust, transparent and achievable. Deswik software has been developed to take advantage of the latest high performance technologies and cutting-edge computing algorithms, all accessed through a flexible, intuitive interface. By avoiding the legacy issues faced by other older packages, coupled with an outstanding customer support, Deswik are able to provide complete solutions to meet the demands of modern mining.
GeoMine CloudMesher (CloudMesher) is a powerful point cloud meshing tool for 3D scanners and UAVs. Large point clouds with tens of millions of points can be viewed in an interactive speed on commodity laptops. Many effective and powerful meshing tools are included for creating and editing high quality surfaces or solids that honour the original point clouds and that can be subsequently used as actionable mining objects for downstream design purposes, such as pit or stope reconciliations, cross sectioning, summarization of underdig, overdig, and percentage of volume variance.

Leap Frog

Leapfrog® is a 3D geological modelling software suite crafted specially for geologists. It has been trusted globally by the most respected mining and exploration firms for more than 10 years.

Leapfrog is setting the standard in geological modelling. It creates the time and opportunity to reduce geological risk for both the users and their organisations. Leapfrog achieves this with an unrivalled engine that allows you to build and update models directly from the data, without the need to wireframe.

Maptek I-Site Studio is intuitive point cloud processing software for mining, civil, geological and other surveying applications. Geotechnical, geological, CAD, and reporting tools quickly turn detailed datasets into easy-to-understand results.