Mobile Geological Feature Extraction, Australia

Mobile geological feature extraction in Australian mines is easy with the uGPS Rapid Mapper™

Mobile Geological Feature Extraction, Australia
Underground mines in Australia typically contain a variety of diverse geological features, many of which can, under the right conditions, impact the safety of miners and affect the ongoing productivity of the mine.

On the other hand, these geological features can also be affected by mining activities, e.g. as a result of mine-induced seismicity or other, man-made conditions.

For these and other reasons, the status and behaviour of all geological features present inside (and adjacent to) the mine, needs to be carefully monitored by mine engineers, as any sudden or unexpected change could signal an impending rock fall or collapse.

Rapidly gathering and extracting as much accurate data as possible about these features by means of mobile geological feature extraction surveys helps mine engineers to better understand the situation and any risks posed, allowing them to make better decisions and take the correct action to minimise the risk of injury to miners, damage to equipment, and production interruptions.

The method by which data is gathered has a significant impact on its usefulness. The faster data can be gathered, the better, and if the process of collecting the information doesn’t obstruct and delay mining operations, then that’s an added bonus.

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ can generate dense, accurate 3D point cloud data while on the move (e.g. while attached to an existing vehicle that moves through the mine), making it the ideal piece of equipment for performing rapid, accurate mobile geological feature extraction in Australian mines. This mobile 3D laser-based (LiDAR) scanner is rugged, easy to use, and purpose-built for use in underground mines.

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Mobile Geological Feature Extraction