Geological Monitoring

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is the ideal way to gather geological monitoring information in underground mines.

Geological MonitoringOngoing monitoring and effective planning are two essential requirements when it comes to keeping underground mines profitable, efficient and safe. In order to meet these requirements, it is essential that ongoing geological monitoring is performed.

Geological monitoring allows geologists and mine engineers to assess geological formations within the mine as needed, and to regularly check the status of the ore body and working faces. This type of ongoing information gathering is essential for ore control and safety monitoring, and facilitates mine development planning and decision making.

In order to practice effective geological monitoring and mapping, however, geologists and mine engineers need access to comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-acquire data on which to base their decision making.

Some traditional methods of gathering geological data within underground mines have limitations, for example:

  • They are very time-consuming and each exercise takes a long time to complete
  • They can be inaccurate, prone to human error and hard to interpret
  • They have high manpower requirements
  • They intrude into and disrupt normal mine operations

These factors limit the feasibility and practicality of continuously gathering data to be used for ongoing monitoring and rapid decision making purposes.

Using the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ mobile 3D scanner as a tool to gather geological monitoring information solves all of these problems. Some benefits of this robust, low-maintenance scanner are:

  • It has the capability to produce a large volume of accurate 3D point cloud data in a short time frame. The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is capable of rapid 3D scanning because it can be operated on the move – e.g.  while attached to an existing mine vehicle (like one of the ATVs commonly used in most modern underground mines) that is being driven through the area to be scanned at normal operating speed.
  • The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is unique in its capability to output intensity measurements along with its 3D points.  Intensity data (or, the measure of a surface’s reflectivity) can be used to identify and map geological features in an underground mining environment.
  • It can be operated by a single existing staff member and is so simple to use that only very basic training and instruction are required.
  • It is often used attached to a vehicle that forms part of normal activities, so there is no interference with or disruption to mining operations or development.



Geological Monitoring in Australia