Photogrammetry Underground, Australia

3D laser-based scanning with a uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is a better scanning method than photogrammetry underground.

Photogrammetry Underground in Australia
3D modelling and the visualisations created from these models are useful tools for underground mine engineers in Australia and can be used for a variety of monitoring, planning, and information sharing purposes.

One method used to generate 3D models of sections of underground mines is photogrammetry. Basically, this consists of shooting overlapping images of the same area or object from several different angles to construct a 3D model. Because the model is constructed from 2D source images, with depth information added afterwards, it is more of a simulation than an actual inherently 3D model.  

Other limitations of photogrammetry-based scanning are that, being photographic in nature, it requires plenty of light, which is not always easy to provide inside a mine, and image quality can be negatively affected by the presence of dust and other particulate matter suspended in the air within the mine.

A far better option is the use of LiDAR laser-based mobile mine scanners. These scanners have significant practical and technological advantages over the use of photogrammetry underground. Being laser-based, they inherently work in three dimensions rather than two, they can work in low-light situations (or even darkness if required), and they are not easily affected by dusty conditions.

Mobile 3D laser scanners are also able to produce scans much faster than tripod-mounted camera equipment that must be set up, disassembled, and moved at intervals to cover the entire scan area. In this regard, the industry-leading uGPS Rapid Mapper™ stands out as the superior solution for creating 3D scans in underground mines.       

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is a fully portable 3D mine scanner that can perform rapid, accurate scans while on the move and in poor light, making it far more useful than fixed scanning or photogrammetry underground. This rugged, reliable, low-maintenance scanner is also purpose-built for use in underground mines instead of being primarily a surface-based technology that is adapted for use underground, so it has a high tolerance for dust, heat, moisture, vibration, and other challenges that limit some other types of alternate technology and equipment. 

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Photogrammetry Underground