Rapid Mapper Scanner

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ scanner delivers fast, accurate results.

Rapid Mapper Scanner

Although many tripod-mounted scanners can produce accurate data, they lack one vital element that makes underground mine scanning much more effective: speed. The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ scanner offers three major benefits when it comes to high-speed scanning in an underground mining environment:

  • Rapid Installation and Deployment. The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ scanner is fully self-contained and can be attached to most existing mine vehicles – ATVs already in use in the mine are a popular choice. Installation via a specially made bracket is simple, and this scanner is so easy to use that current mine personnel members can start using the scanner almost immediately with only minimal training and instruction.
  • Rapid Scanning. Because the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ scanner is normally used while attached to an ATV or other mine vehicle and has the ability to generate accurate 3D point cloud data while the vehicle is being driven at normal speed, scanning information is generated quickly and easily.
  • Rapid Results. Via custom, supplied software, the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ scanner delivers data that is comparable in accuracy to the very best fixed (tripod-mounted) scanners, but is gathered in a fraction of the time that these more traditional scanners take to scan an area of the mine.

As a tool for rapidly gathering accurate, easily available scan data, the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ scanner is not equaled. In addition to best-in-class speed, this scanner is also robust, rugged and has minimal maintenance requirements.

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