3D Mine Surveying

Fast, accurate, 3D mine surveying is easy with the uGPS Rapid Mapper™           

3D Mine Surveying
The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ 3D mobile mine scanner gives mine engineers an easy, no-fuss way to perform 3D mine surveying.

Ongoing, comprehensive monitoring is one of the keys to ensuring mine safety and ongoing productivity. As underground mines become larger, go deeper, and strive to increase the pace of production, it is important that surveying techniques evolve and develop to keep up with modern mining practices and challenges.

3D mine surveying is one of the most exciting developments that has happened in recent times. This practice allows mine engineers to rapidly construct very accurate digital visualizations of the inside of a mine.

This is done by using laser scanners (like the uGPS Rapid Mapper™) to create a vast number of data points, resulting in a digital “map” of any area of the mine.  

This 3D point cloud data can be used for a variety of monitoring purposes, for example:

  • Convergence monitoring in tunnels, stopes, and other areas of an underground mine
  • Production monitoring – by accurately calculating the volume of material removed in a specific period
  • Surveying and monitoring on an “as built” basis during mine construction or expansion operations, and
  • Many other similar and related tasks               

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ 3D mobile mine scanner is ideally suited to perform 3D mine surveying exercises. Its ability to produce accurate 3D point cloud data while in motion (e.g. mounted on a mine vehicle, ATV, etc.) makes it far more useful and versatile than static (often tripod-based) scanners.

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is purpose-built for use in underground mines, rugged, requires almost no maintenance, and is so easy to use that existing mine personnel can start using it almost immediately with minimal instruction and training.

3D Mine Surveying in Australia