Mobile Tunnel Surveying

What is the best equipment for mobile tunnel surveying?

Mobile Tunnel SurveyingScanners used for mobile tunnel surveying can face several challenges, including:

  • Extreme conditions. Heat, dampness, dust and a variety of other challenging conditions are often found in underground mines. This can cause problems with many types of scanners, as they may be sensitive to heat, dust, moisture, vibration etc. Scanners originally designed for above-ground use or other environments may not have the durability and ruggedness required for ongoing use underground.
  • Operational Disruption. Some scanners, especially the tripod-mounted variety, can get in the way of personnel and equipment moving around in the manner required for daily mining activities. This can lead to productivity loss (leading to financial loss) and increase the risk of personal injury or equipment damage.
  • Time Delays. Using scanners that must be mounted in a particular place to scan, and then moved after they have scanned a limited area, means that scanning large sections of a mine will take considerable time and require a lot of man-hours to be dedicated to this task.

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ 3D mobile mine scanner easily overcomes all of these obstacles. This scanner is designed and purpose-built for underground mining. Its ruggedness, durability and minimal maintenance requirements make it ideal for mobile tunnel surveying in the underground mining environment.

Because the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ performs the task of mobile tunnel surveying while mounted to an existing mine vehicle (usually an ATV) that travels through the mine at normal speed, it causes no disruption to mining operations and is able to accurately scan large sections of the mine in a very short space of time.

Contact us now to find out more about the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ mobile 3D scanner, the ideal tool for mobile tunnel surveying in the underground mining environment