Surveying Equipment

Surveying Equipment: The uGPS Rapid Mapper™

Surveying EquipmentThe uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is a revolutionary piece of surveying equipment that will transform the way 3D point cloud data is collected in underground mines. This 3D laser mine scanner is robust, easy to maintain and very reliable.

Some of the advantages of using uGPS Rapid Mapper™ in an underground mine include:

  • It is designed to be used on the move and can be mounted on many types of existing mine vehicles for mobile scanning;
  • The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ can scan an area up to 50 times faster than a conventional stationary laser scanner mounted on a tripod;
  • This surveying equipment is very easy to use and can be used by mine personnel with very little extra training required;
  • uGPS Rapid Mapper™ underground scanners can be easily integrated with the mine’s normal workflows;
  • This surveying equipment produces valuable data sets that can be used in a wide range of underground-specific applications.

Using uGPS Rapid Mapper™ will change the way point cloud data is collected and used in your mine. Because the data is so easy to collect, scans can be run more often, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the mine environment. This allows for more timely and well-informed decisions to be made.

We are living in an information age where speed and accuracy of data are vital. This is true of many industries, mining included. In order to keep up with the latest business trends, even the most conservative companies have to keep up with the available technology. Throw away your tripod and step into the future with uGPS Rapid Mapper™.