uGPS Rapid Mapper™ Technical & Performance Specs

The uGPS Rapid MapperTM can help to reduce your mining cycle times by minimizing the turnaround time of lengthy surveys. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

State-of-the-Art Hardware with Unprecedented Performance

ugps rapid mapper

We are proud to introduce the uGPS Rapid MapperTM, a cutting-edge scanning tool with 3D tunnel mapping capabilities- all in a small, portable and versatile package. With its unmatched mobile capabilities and ease of use straight out of the box, this technology is a welcome solution for the modern underground mines of today.

uGPS Rapid MapperTM offers unprecedented performance due to its construction, which includes 2 laser scanners, an inertial sensor, an onboard computer, optional Wi-Fi connectivity, and an RFID tag reader. This widens your potential uses to incorporate open loop scanning, closed loop scanning, and even vertical scanning, too.

 uGPS rapid mapper specifications

The technical and performance specifications of the uGPS Rapid MapperTM are as follows:

  • Power Supply Input Range: 10V to 30V DC
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30° to 60° C
  • Environmental Sealing of Core System Components: IP 67
  • Open Loop Mapping: ~0.5 % accumulated error (drift) per unit distance travelled
  • Closed Loop Mapping: Eliminates drift error by snapping to known points
  • Relative Accuracy to Ribs: +/- 3cm (~1 in)

Contact us to witness uGPS Rapid MapperTM first-hand and experience the immense potential of underground mobile scanning for your next project. This offers your mining operation the ultimate in data accessibility, accuracy, and functionality, helping to get the job done quickly and safely.