Automated Mobile Mapping Contributes to Better Underground Mine Management

Automated mobile mapping, performed by using a LiDAR laser-based 3D mobile mine scanner that scans automatically with only minimal user intervention (switching it on and off), presents an all-in-one solution that helps take care of three key areas of responsibility, and stress, for many mine managers, namely:

  • Safety. Regular scans of the same area that are digitally compared to each other can reveal important changes in the structure of an underground mine, especially safety-critical convergence in tunnels, stopes, caverns, and other parts of the mine.

Automated Mobile Mapping Contributes to Better Underground Mine Management

  • Productivity. By comparing multiple scans of a working area (e.g. those taken at the beginning and end of a shift), it is possible to accurately calculate the amount of ore removed by a team/shift.
  • Asset Control and Verification. As the scanner moves through the mine and creates a point cloud, the presence and location of various vehicles and pieces of equipment will be recorded, helping to confirm that everything is where it should be at a given time.

Equipment Choice

Underground mines all over the world are seeing the benefits of using 3D laser scanners as a surveying and mapping tool, with the mobile type making the most practical sense.

The best-in -class example of this type of scanner is the uGPS Rapid Mapper™. This device is usually deployed attached to an existing mine vehicle that is driven through the mine.

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