Blogs_resizedRecently, a $300,000 grant was offered to a group of researchers to fund a project called: “MinEyes: Development and optimization of mobile LiDAR technologies for the precise 3D modeling and monitoring of mining tunnels convergence”. This research will be carried out by researchers from the University of Toronto and Laval University in partnership with members from the Peck Tech team learn this here now.

The main purpose of the MinEyes project is to improve mobile LiDAR systems so that 3D models of mining tunnels can be created and observed accurately and quickly. In order to accomplish this overarching goal, the following will occur:

  • New methods and algorithms will be developed to efficiently process and model the 3D data acquired by point clouds
  • The integration of mobile LiDAR technology in the mining production process will be studied

Both of these developments will enhance Québec’s prominence and expertise in the mining industry, while increasing the competiveness of mining companies in this area of the world. In addition to mining, the research completed throughout the course of this project will contribute to the geomatics field, an industry in which Québec is a renowned world leader. Mobile mapping, indoor positioning systems for underground applications, and the automated processing of point clouds will benefit transport, auscultation, infrastructure, and other areas in which geomatics has a significant impact.

The researchers working on this project look forward to further unlocking the potential of mobile LiDAR technology and enhancing mining applications that could benefit. For more information about our involvement in this project, please reach out to us.