Increase Efficiency in Your Underground Mine with Convergence Monitoring

Modern mining is all about efficiency — increasing production while managing costs. Tight control of resources, equipment, and work schedules is vital. Achieving the high yield rates expected of today’s underground mines without compromising safety standards requires the use of advanced geotechnical and productivity monitoring systems and equipment.

Easily practice safety-critical convergence monitoring

Regular scanning of relevant areas of the underground mine using a purpose-built 3D LiDAR-based (laser) mobile scanner, like the class-leading uGPS Rapid Mapper™, is an extremely powerful tool in the hands of engineers, giving them the ability to simply but intensively monitor production and other critical aspects of the mine operation.

The dense, accurate point cloud data produced on the move by the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ provides visualizations and actionable insights that help engineers better understand the geotechnical status and complexities of all areas of the mine,  improving the quality of production planning and scheduling

Performing regular comparative scans using a rapid, mobile 3D mobile mine scanner allows engineers to:

  • Identify movement within declines, ore drives, and other production areas
  • Track changes over time and have a more comprehensive geotechnical understanding of the mine
  • Avoid downtime, delays, and loss of production caused by unnoticed movement
  • Determine if stope blasting and other activities in one area/level are negatively affecting other areas/levels (by scanning before and after stope blasting), and the extent of the affected area
  • Easily practice safety-critical convergence monitoring

Because they can gather data on the move while attached to an existing mine vehicle, uGPS Rapid Mapper™ scanners do not interrupt or affect production and other operations (unlike some other types of scanners), which is a major benefit in mines that feature non-stop production and high traffic volumes.

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