Make Your Underground Mine a Safer Place with Convergence Monitoring

The safety of all personnel working underground is a top priority for all responsible mine operators. Monitoring safety-critical factors and taking appropriate action on warning signs is a big part of effective safety management.

perform regular convergence monitoring scans of the same area

Modern mines are going deeper and wider, and mining more tonnage, than ever before, resulting in an extremely demanding operating environment where ensuring safety is both vital and challenging. The pressure is on to keep miners safe and equipment and assets undamaged, all without any negative effect on productivity.

Fortunately, like so many aspects of mining, safety management in underground mines has been revolutionized by technology. A good example of this is the development and widespread use of purpose-built 3D mobile mine scanners, e.g. the class-leading uGPS Rapid Mapper™.

This rugged, easy-to-use scanner can generate point cloud data while on the move, making it possible and practical to perform regular convergence monitoring scans of the same area. The scan results can then be easily compared to each other using specially developed software, giving engineers an extremely powerful tool in the quest for safer mines. 

The dense, accurate data point clouds produced by the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ allow engineers to visualize mine movement and gain a greater understanding of often complex geotechnical statuses and movement within the mine.  

These actionable insights help them to spot potential safety risks faster and use the data and visualizations provided to make better decisions and take the appropriate preventative or remedial action – making the mine a much safer place for everyone.

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