uGPS Rapid Mapper™Before developing the uGPS Rapid Mapper™, our engineers spent many hours analyzing the mapping needs of today’s best-in-class mining operations.  While mines have made significant efficiency gains in most aspects of their operations, conventional surveying and scanning remains a time-intensive process.

In some cases, the use of stationary scanners remains critical to the safety and productivity of a mine, but for many mine applications, the data needs do not warrant such time and labor intensive processes.

We all know that surveying is an essential component of the mining cycle. Timely data allows engineers, operators and mine planners to improve productivity and safety.  Underground mines are dynamic and unpredictable in nature, so it is important to collect this data regularly and as quickly as possible.

However, timely data still needs to be accurate, and that is why we developed the uGPS Rapid Mapper™. It reduces data capture time without sacrificing the accuracy needed for many common use cases, especially when combined with pre-installed RFID tags.

In turn, the data from these captures complements high-accuracy models from conventional surveys to provide mines with the best of both worlds:  highly accurate mine models supported by timely updated scans from the face.  The result is simple: better visibility into your underground operation, allowing you to make more informed and timely decisions.

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The Accuracy vs. Time Debate