uGPSWe are looking forward to attending this year’s MINExpo Conference from September 26-28 in Las Vegas. At this conference, premier mining services and equipment from around the world will be showcased, as well as new and innovative products that make it possible for the mining industry to revolutionize its operations and capitalize on opportunities in today’s world that is in need of energy, metals, and materials.

Our team will be present at this show, and we are now scheduling meetings with attendees who want to learn more about how our proven and robust technology enables mobile mapping in underground mines. If you are planning to attend this conference, we want to show you how the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is changing the underground mine surveying process for the better.

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ generates accurate 3D point cloud data from a mobile platform after quickly scanning large areas. We want you to book a demonstration with our team today if your mine uses a wide range of flexible mining applications, such as convergence monitoring, accelerated month-end workflows, development/production reconciliation, or shaft/raise inspection see this.

If you want to know more about uGPS Rapid Mapper™ technology and how it is revolutionizing the mining industry as we know it, schedule your meeting with us today. We look forward to meeting with you in Las Vegas!