The “Will-It-Fit?” project is being put together as part of the first year engineering design course at Queen’s University in Kingston. The host course, APSC 100 (short for “Applied Science”) is one year long and geared towards taking students fresh from high school and getting them into an engineering mindset. It is organized into several modules, the last of which is a practical design course. In this way, the students are given the chance to demonstrate all they have learned about client and stakeholder satisfaction, good design, economics of design, and professionalism. The “Will-It-Fit?” project is one of the many designs the first-year students have chosen to undertake.

The “Will-it-fit” challenge Queen’s students play with uGPS Rapid Mapper™ data

ugps 3d modelFifteen students are working in three teams to develop an app that can automatically determine the most efficient route for transporting a piece of equipment through an underground mine environment. To do so, they will be using datasets generated by the uGPS Rapid Mapper™, depicting real underground mining environments. It is for this reason we are excited about the possibilities for both sides: the students are benefiting in terms of real design experience, as the project they’ve been given has a very solid real-world application. Moreover, this type of app is high in demand by Peck Tech’s clients. The work the students complete this semester could very well be integrated into future mining automation software, further adding to the possible uses for the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ product. The partnership is a perfect fit!

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