Underground Mine Mapping

Underground Mine Mapping: Using Visualizations to Bring Meetings to Life

Underground Mine MappingMany decision-makers on a mine site go underground from time to time to simply take a tour and get a visual ‘feel’ of their underground environment. This can be dangerous and is also very inefficient, especially when non-essential personnel have to be taken underground simply to see a part of the mine first-hand.

However, there is now a better way to achieve similar results.  Underground mine mapping can be rapidly performed in the required area and the results used to create visualizations, thanks to the uGPS Rapid Mapper™.

By using custom software, these 3D point cloud data can be transformed into rich 3D visualizations. These visualizations can then be used to perform “fly-throughs”, dynamic representations of what the mine looks like inside, including recognizable, easy to identify features.

This underground mine mapping process is ideal for a variety of common meetings where there has to be some discussion about a particular area of a mine. Having an accurate visualization reduces the need for non-essential personnel to go inside the mine, which causes time delays and unnecessary human exposure to hazards.

These underground mine mapping visualizations can form the basis of a presentation at a conference, for example. This is especially valuable when many of the participants are located far from the mine and a mine tour would be very difficult and expensive to organize.




Underground Mine Mapping in Australia