Automated Mobile Mapping

Automated mobile mapping in underground mines is easy with the uGPS Rapid Mapper™.

Regular and ongoing 3D mapping has become a standard practice in many underground mines. Mine engineers and managers all over the globe have realized the value of this activity and seen the benefits it offers in areas like productivity planning and monitoring, safety management, and asset location, verification, and control.

Automated Mobile Mapping

However, the type of equipment used has a significant effect on the efficiency and usefulness of this type of data gathering, with some types being slow and labour-intensive to use. 

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: the uGPS Rapid Mapper™. This scanner is robust and reliable, has very low maintenance requirements, and is so easy to operate that it can be used by a staff member with only minimal training and instruction.

The most common way the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is used is by attaching it to an existing mine vehicle (e.g. an ATV) that is driven through the mine. Minimal effort is required form the person operating the vehicle, and there is no need for continuous interaction with the scanner; it simply needs to be turned on and off at the beginning and end of the scanning exercise.

As the vehicle moves through the area to be mapped, the LiDAR scanner in the unit automatically generates dense, accurate 3D point cloud data with no effort required from the driver, making this uGPS Rapid Mapper™ the ideal equipment choice for regular and ongoing automated mobile mapping exercises in any underground mine.

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