Underground Scanner

Why You Should Only Use a Purpose-Built Underground Scanner in Your Mine

Underground ScannerThe collection and modelling of 3D data has become a common practice in most modern underground mines. This endeavour now plays an important role in mine planning and safety management.

Many underground mines are using laser scanners that are actually designed for surface applications. These scanners are often not well-suited to 3D mapping in an underground environment.

Here are a few reasons why laser scanners designed for above-ground use are not ideal for underground mining:

  • Unnecessarily long laser ranges. These are not usually required in the closed in environment of an underground mine. Lasers capable of long-range scanning are very expensive and, as they are not required in this application, add unnecessary cost to the mine scanner.
  • Many surface laser scanners have very high data collection rates. This functionality is usually not required underground, and the vast majority of scan data collected is never used.  It also, increases manufacturing cost and complicates scanner maintenance.
  • Typically, laser scanners designed for surface use require regular re-calibration. Usually this is done at the manufacturer’s facility. This often comes with a hefty price tag, and it also means that scanners are not available for use in the mine while they are away being re-calibrated.
  • Scanners intended for surface use are often sensitive pieces of equipment and are not adequately ruggedized. This is because they are not designed with demanding underground environments in mind.

Why you should use a purpose-built underground scanner such as the uGPS Rapid Mapper™ in your mine:

  • These underground scanners are designed and manufactured to survive harsh underground environments, and to still perform at their peak while doing so.
  • They can be re-calibrated on site, quickly and easily
  • These underground scanners are easy to support and maintain

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ underground scanner was designed specifically for use in underground mines, by underground experts, and is a tough, rugged and reliable piece of equipment.